A brand new initiative by in 2019, we began the PHEBC Webinar Series as a way to reach more teachers across BC, especially outside of the Lower Mainland and in rural areas. We plan to add new webinars this spring. 

Past Webinars

2019, March 7 

Guy Lemasurier – Changing Our Minds About PHE in BC

BC’s PHE curriculum shifts the focus from traditional sports and activities to participation, healthy choices, and health and wellness advocacy. This shift may challenge many professionals perspective and practice. Guy Le Masurier discusses his approach to integrating the big ideas into Middle/Secondary programs to support adolescent physical and health literacy.

2019, April 17

Josh Ogilvie – Aligning our Practices with BC’S Curriculum

This webinar highlights manageable ways to use all aspects of the BC curriculum learning standards to create alignment between planning and implementation of our unit and lesson plans.  Josh also looks at how to design and use different types of assessment tools to support, enhance, and communicate student learning as it relates to the PHE learning standards.