Professional Learning Series

Professional Learning Series

New to PHE BC this year is the Professional Learning Series, which will consist of different types of professional learning experiences and opportunities on a broad range of topics related to teaching and learning in physical and health education. Due to the current health and safety guidelines in place, most opportunities, if not all, will be done virtually this year, and will include webinars (small and/or larger group) and/or townhall events. 

Why a Professional Learning Series?

Many professional development experiences fall short of having any significant or lasting impact on teachers and their practices. They tend to be quite superficial, scratching the surface of a topic and then participants move on to another focus. This has been well documented in research evidence, with many calls to move away from the current pro d model used in education systems across the world.


To help bring more meaning and purpose to the professional learning experiences in our field, these events aim to both explore and dive deeper into a topic of interest in the field of PHE. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and engage in dialogue, while also digging deeper in smaller groups at follow up events (at different times) based on interest and availability. In doing so, teachers can learn something, think about it, apply it, and come together to share challenges, insights, and successes to help us all move forward. It’s like having a professional network of coaches and teammates all in one location. 


The Professional Learning Series is open to all PHE BC members. Not a member yet? Learn how to become a PHE BC member.

Scheduled Events

Thursday, September 23, 7-8:30 pm

Teaching Mental Health Literacy in PHE: What is it and Whose Job is it to Teach?

Join Sherry Stade for an interactive webinar exploring and highlighting what teaching and learning about mental health literacy in PHE can look like. Sherry will share a variety of promising practices and resources for teaching about mental health, and take a deep dive into the role of the PHE teacher. She will also share insights and strategies for for meaningful and engaging learning experiences for students.