Our Executive Team


Josh Ogilvie

Josh brings over 18 years of experience to the president’s role and Executive Committee as a PHE teacher and department head. He has a tremendous passion for all things related to meaningful and purposeful teaching and learning experiences in PHE for teachers and students, and he regularly shares insights and approaches at district, provincial, and national conferences. Josh has a deep knowledge and understanding of the BC PHE curriculum, having served as a writing team member and the team leader for the K-12 PHE curriculum.


1st Vice President

Stephanie Mervyn 

Stephanie is currently teaching PHE at Stanley Humphries Secondary School in Castlegar, BC. Her focus has been on junior PHE and enhancing student’s experiences at the high school level. Stephanie has also served as a writing team member for the BC K-12 PHE curriculum. When Stephanie is not teaching, you can find her spending time with her kids and/or working out and doing some yoga.


2nd Vice-President

Chad Oatway

Chad brings to the PHE BC team a wealth of experience at the secondary and middle school levels, specializing in physical and health education and leadership. He is passionate about developing physical literacy and health education in the New Westminster School District and throughout the province. Chad teaches at Fraser River Middle School and loves being active with his family in the great outdoors, coaching his children, and being involved in athletics and sport.

SD#40-New Westminster


Alexandra Inglis

Alexandra is a physical and health education teacher and the current After-School Program Coordinator for SD 73. Her objective is to enhance children’s lifelong well-being through creative, arts, sports, and physical activity. Alexandra is passionate about movement, and she enjoys spending her free time outside with her family.



Jenny Mitchell

Jenny is a physical and health education teacher at Summerland Secondary School. She is also the district Health Promoting Schools Coordinator where she supports health across multiple school communities. In her spare time she loves to be active outdoors with her family exploring the mountains of foot, bike and skis!



Lynn Dawson

Lynn discovered the amazing benefits of developing a Professional Learning Network through social media and the value of connecting with like-minded teachers. She loves to get the word out about the latest happenings in the world of physical and health education. She brings 23 years of teaching experience to PHE BC and currently teaches K-6 PHE at Henry Hudson Elementary in Vancouver.



Lisa Manzini

Lisa is a passionate physical and health educator who has served as President since 2015. She has worked on many collaborative teams and has presented workshops provincially and nationally, always with the goal of improving the quality of physical and health education in BC and Canada. Lisa enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for PHE with colleagues and students, and believes connection is the key to learning. Lisa has taught elementary PHE in Squamish for the past 24 years.

SD#48-Sea to Sky