Membership Info

PHEBC accepts memberships and subscriptions throughout the year; and members and subscribers are sent whatever PSA publications are produced in the year from the date the application is processed at the BCTF office. The BCTF does not issue receipts because PSA dues are not tax deductible.



What does being a Member mean?

  • Joining PHEBC as a member means that you support quality Health and Physical Education for all students 
  • HelpConnect with HPE community in BC
  • Receive our newsletter for the latest in HPE news and resources.
  • Voting rights for the Executive at our Annual General Meeting hosted in October.
  • Be part of


What do Membership dollars fund?

Your membership dues provide direct financial support to enable PHEBC to:

  • Help support the organization of provincial and regional conferences and workshops.
  • Pay professional trail builders to lead specific maintenance projects and trail days, ensuring trails remain open, safe, sustainable, and FUN!
  • Purchase materials, tools, and equipment for our volunteer and trail builders to use during trail days.
  • Purchase insurance that allows the NSMBA to conduct activities for our members and host trail days.
  • Manage and deliver the programs that educate the community on trail building’s evolving best practices.
  • Engage proactively with Land Managers to ensure their continued support and investment in the trail network.



Membership Fees

BCTF Members                                       $25.00
Students / Retirees / TTOCs         $15.00
Subscribers.                                          $52.50  ($50.00 + $2.50 GST)

GST Registration number:  R106779291RT0001




What we Do


  • Support one annual provincial conference – October Provincial Pro-D Day
  • Provide workshop contacts and information
  • Support teachers teaching physical education using the current curriculum and help teachers become aware and support implementation of current Regional and National initiatives in Physical Education.

Advocacy and Leadership

We are your voice for physical education in BC schools. We liaise with:

  • BC Ministry of Education
  • BC Ministry of Health
  • Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada)
  • Provincial HPE Associations
  • Locals and other PSAs within the BCTF
  • PACs, BCPVPA, Trustees


  • Provide feedback to Ministry of Education on Physical Education policies
  • Interact with the media and answer queries regarding Physical Education issues in BC schools