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Welcome to the new PHEBC site!

We are excited to launch our new website and welcome everyone who is involved in Health and Physical Education in BC. Whether you are an classroom teacher teaching PE to your class, or a PE specialist at elementary or secondary school, this site is for everyone who shares a passion for quality Health and Physical Education. Our goals are to share helpful teaching resources, inform educator about upcoming professional development opportunities, and through our blog, share what educators are doing around the province.  Ultimately, we want our student to have the best possible experiences in physical education and enable them to live their best healthy and active lives.

With the closure of schools in BC and around the world, teachers and students alike are adjusting to this new way of learning.  Teachers are working harder than ever, learning new ways to connect and teach our students. We are all in these unique times together and know that whatever you are doing to support your students is great. Please take care of yourself and your families.  Be safe and stay well. We look forward to connecting with you!d