About PHE BC

About Us

Physical & Health Education in British Columbia (PHE BC) is a provincial specialist association (PSA) in the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF). Our executive committee is comprised of BCTF teachers who teach physical and health education, and/or have a strong passion and interest in it, and we volunteer for various roles within the PSA. Collectively, we aim to support teachers, students, and our field by:

  • providing a range of professional learning opportunities and experiences
  • recommending and accessing helpful resources
  • advocating for support and promising practices in the field of PHE
  • facilitating and supporting a network of physical and health educators in BC
  • and more.

Our Membership

PHE BC exists to support teachers, students, and the field of physical and health education in British Columbia. To do so, we have a membership base that helps to inform our efforts and access the many supports and services we provide. Our membership consists of BCTF and non-BCTF teachers, pre-service teachers, post-secondary educators, retired teachers, and more. There is an annual fee to become a PHE BC member, and the role one has will determine the membership fee. Follow the link to learn how to become a member.

Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to becoming a PHE BC member, such as:

  • access to future and archived webinars
  • receive newsletters with helpful resources and information 
  • voting at the AGM on our goals and financial plans (BCTF members only)
  • support to establish a local specialized association (LSA)
  • collaborate on teaching and learning initiatives 
  • share thoughts and ideas on local and provincial issues related to PHE
  • and more.